Junior Handler Program

Junior Handler Program

At Twin Oaks Dog Club and Canine Extreme we have a wonderful Junior handlers program. We train in all aspects of dog sport from basic obedience to high level of sport.  Our juniors train in a group setting under the guidance of head trainer Raul Hernandez.

We currently have kids that are competing in everything from local 4H clubs, AKC: Rally, Obedience & Showmanship as well as FCI/SV Confirmation and IGP.  Our juniors receive full support wether their competing a small local show or National Sieger event.  

We train year round and kids are welcome to start at any time of the year. Please see our training schedule (Schedule) for information on dates and times.

Frequently Asked Questions...  

How old does my child have to be to enroll?
9 and up

Do I have to stay during training ?

Do we bring our own dogs or dog Canine Extreme allow the kids to train with theirs?
Although we will use our dogs for demonstrations and learning experience having your dog is recommended

Does my dog have to be a German Shepherd to enroll?
No we train all breeds.

How much are the Junior classes?
Our group classes are $60 per dog and $20 each additional.  So if your child wants to participate with one dog it’s $60 but if they wish to participate with two dogs it’s $80.

Does my kid have to show to be in the Junior program?
Not at all. All we ask of our juniors is that they come to training to enjoy the work, environment and support each other no matter what training level they are in.