November 2021 - Club Trial, Jr. National & SE Regional Championships

Event Date: November 11th - 14th 2021
Judge: Wendell Nope & Dieter Oeser

This November 2021 Twin Oaks will be hosting a club trial, Jr Handler Nationals, SE Regional Championships and the first ever JACKPOT Champions Class offering $3,000 in prize money!!  It's time for Twin Oaks Dog Club to get back in lineup of shows in the USA and we couldn't think of a better way to do it.  This will be a 4 day event filled with Prizes, Trophies, Good Food, Fun People and (of Course) and plenty of good times for the dogs.  At Twin Oaks Dog Club we don’t know how to go small so come out even if your not showing and join in the fun!


Location: Canine Extreme Farms | 551 SE 215th Ave | Morriston | FL | 32668 | Twin Oaks Dog Club Directions

Judge: SVF Wendell Nope (IGP) & SV Judge Torsten Kallenbach  Cancelled due to Sickniess, new judge is SV Dieter Oeser (AD, Show & Breed Survey)

Helper: Giann Manuel Servio


Pet Friendly Hotels:
  • Hilton of Ocala Hilton | 3600 SW 36th Ave, Ocala, FL 34474 | Tele: (352) 854-1400
  • Equus Inn Ocala | 3434 SW College Rd, Ocala, FL 32674 | Tele: (352) 854-3200
  • Comfort Inn | 1212 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34471 | Tele: (352) 629-7300

RV Sites:

  • World Equestrian Center | 1390 NW 80th Ave, Ocala, FL 34482 | Tele: (352) 414-7900
  • Williston Crossing RV Resort | 410 NE Fifth St, Williston, FL 32696 | Tele: (352) 528-7100


JR. BH, BH, FH, SPR, IGP, Showmanship & Seminar

Conformation Show, Temperament test (ZAP),
AD & Breed Survey




Learn More About The Champions Class



Nov. 11th 2021
12PM Check In
1:00PM Show Start


Nov. 12th 2021
7:30AM Check In
8:00AM Show Start


Nov. 13th 2021
7:30AM Check In
8:00AM Show Start


Nov. 14th 2021
7:00AM Check In
9:00AM Show Start


  • BH


  • Tracking
  • BH Obedience
  • IGP Obedience
  • Lunch at Judges Discretion
  • Protection
  • Traffic Portion of BH
  • Awards


SV Judge Torsten Kallenbach

  • Breed Survey Practice
  • Breed Survey
  • AD (time will depend on weather)


  • Tracking
  • Jr. BH Obedience
  • IGP Obedience
  • Protection
  • Lunch at Judges Discretion
  • Seminar
  • Showmanship


  • Character Assessment Test (WB) Cancelled

To Follow Jr. National
Est Time: After 1pm

  • Breed Survey Practice
  • Breed Survey


  • Judges Meet & Greet

 * Show Check-in available after 4pm, See registration by food tent. 


  • Baby Puppy Class 3-6 mo
  • Junior Puppy 6-9 mo
  • Senior Puppy 9-12 mo
  • JACKPOT Puppy Champions Class
    $1000 Prize Money
  • Youth 12-18 mo
  • Young 18-24 mo
  • Open Class - 2yrs + w/o title
  • Veterans Class
  • Working Class
  • JACKPOT Young Champions Class
    $1000 Prize Money
  • JACKPOT Ultimate Champions Class
    $1000 Prize Money

All classes will run females first (SC then    LC) and then Males (SC then LC) Working Classes will run Females (LC then SC) followed by Males (LC then SC).

SC: Standard Coat & LC: Long Coat

Jackpot will show SC, LC, Males & Females combined


Sponsor: Please Help Support Our Club & Events Like This! Every little bit helps and your donation is appreciated.

Judges Meet & Greet: Join us Saturday night at Canine Extreme Farms for an outdoor Judges dinner and BBQ. Judges dinner will follow the days events. If you plan on attending please e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the number of people in your party.

GSDCA Jr. Handler National: Please click the following link for full details on the Jr. Nationals |
GSDCA Junior National Rules & Awards







Junior Nationals

Universal Sieger 1st place: Samantha Benjamin
Universal Sieger 2nd place: Lucas Moxley
Jr. National Universal Sieger: Alaura Brown (tied with) Brianna Calvo

Youth Showmanship
1st place: Lucas Moxley with Ellie Canine Extreme
2nd place: Natalie Moxley with Lados v. Holtkamper Hof
3rd place: Ella Guiterrez with Gracy Reeshoop
4th place: Riley Heaton with Tilli v.d. Southernwind
5th place: Brystal Godwin with Jenny De La Madonia  
6th place: Samantha Benjamin with Buster Jendaliz
Junior Showmanship
1st place: Aluara Brown with Xeno Folinku
2nd place: Reagan Kosch with Zagheria’s Black
3rd place Brianna Calvo with Lake’s Guardian’s Ka-Bar
4th place: Skylar Sowieki with RHK CC Stix VD Southernwind

Baby Puppy 3-6 Month Female Stock Coat
VP1 Xennia v.d. Oher Tannen
VP2 Cookie von Rikah-haus
VP3 Viva von Lotta
VP4 Georgia vom Hismerth
VP5 Cocoa von Rikah-Haus
VP6 Westa v.d. Oher Tannen
VP7 Yale vd Oher Tannen
VP8 Gucci Canine Extreme
VP9 Jett vd Fichtner
VP10 Khaos vd Fichtner
VP11 Loyalville’s Melina Mercouri
P1 Pepper vd Fichnter

Baby Puppy 3-6 Month Female Long Stock Coat
VP1 Daisy vom Hismerth
VP2 Grey Canine Extreme
VP3 Brunhilde von Bourbon
VP4 Gloria Sremska

Baby Puppy 3-6 Month Male Stock Coat
VP1 Harry Potter di Montey
VP2 Mondo v Lander
VP3 Igor di Montely
VP4 Xppo di Casa Ceca

Baby Puppy 3-6 Month Male Long Stock Coat
VP1 Dax vom HIsmerth
VP2 Hachiko do Montey

Junior Puppy 6-9 Month Female Stock Coat
VP1 Greta di Montey
VP2 Quinn von Picone
VP3 Verona vom Hismerth
VP4 Minari vom Kohlerhaus
VP5 Coco von Legends Burg
VP6 Emsley Team vd Hohen Berg
VP7 Udelia vvd Oher Tannen
VP8 Ultra vd Oher Tannen
VP9 RHC CC Stix VD Southernwind

Junior Puppy 6-9 Month Female Long Stock Coat
VP1 Willow vom Drache Feld
VP2 Lea vom Hismerth
VP3 Barrica von Steinadler Zwinger
VP4 Winter vom Drache Feld
VP5 Sydney vom Ragnar

Junior Puppy 6-9 Month Male Stock Coat
VP1 Drifter Canine Extreme
VP2 Frankenstein Canine Extreme
VP3 Blitz von Steinadler Swinger
P1 Quadro vom Ragnar

Junior Puppy 6-9 Month Male Long Stock Coat
VP1 Luka vom HIsmerth II
VP2 Blue von Steinadler Zwinger

Senior Puppy 9-12 Month Female Stock Coat
VP1 Puma vom Ragnar
VP2 Fenia Di Montely
VP3 Fina Di Montely
VP4 Alanya vom Amur
VP5 Sienna vom Lotta
VP6 Gamba vom Hismerth
VP7 Athena vom Legend Land
VP8 Alexa vom Legend Land
VP9 Loyalville’s Falcon

Senior Puppy 9-12 Month Female Long Stock Coat
VP1 Faith di Montely
VP2 Blizen vd Templehoeve
VP3 Dolche v Tana Hof

Senior Puppy 9-12 Month Male Stock Coat
VP1 Gary vom Hismerth
VP2 Yeager vom Weidenhaus
VP3 Loyalville’s Forest
VP4 Brick vd Fichtner

Senior Puppy 9-12 Month Male Long Stock Coat
VP1 Jett vom Haus Godwin

Youth Class (12-18 Month) Female Stock Coat
SG1 Shelby vom Gutierrez
SG2 Vayda Saenz-Padilla
SG3 Power Canine Extreme
SG4 Aryia vd Zwei Schaefer Haus
SG5 Ruby von Lotta
SG6 Alpha vom Mushaus
SG7 Olivia von Picone
SG8 Neea vd Oher Tannen
SG9 Naomi Canine Extreme
SG10 Akira di Casa Ortega
SG11 Cookie vom Küstenwache
G1 Dessa vom Schloss Guttenberg

Youth Class (12-18 Month) Female Long Stock Coat
SG1 Ayla von Bourbon
SG2 Tequila von Steinadler Zwinger

Youth Class (12-18 Month) Male Stock Coat
SG1 Apollo v Cresent Vollmond
SG2 Kakuto vom Zwillinghaus
SG3 Prime Canine Extreme
SG4 Idol Team de Bura
SG5 Blitzreig vom haus Jameson

Youth Class (12-18 Month) Male Long Stock Coat
SG1 Adal v Kapitan Max
SG2 Panther vom Lausitzer Seeland
SG3 Odin v Picone

Young Class (18-24 Month) Female Stock Coat
SG1 Thea di Casa Ceca
SG2 Wasa vom Holtkamper Hof
SG3 Tanni com Holtkamper Hof
SG4 Justice Canine Extreme
SG5 Impulse Canine Extreme
SG6 Gila con Markel Spiel

Young Class (18-24 Month) Female Long Stock Coat
SG1 Prema vom Drache Feld

Young Class (18-24 Month) Male Stock Coat
SG1 Jedi Canine Extreme
SG2 Demon v Hismerth
SG3 Indoctro Canine Extreme
SG4 Amur v Haus Harwardt
SG5 Kanto Canine Extreme
SG6 Samson of Jaen

Young Class (18-24 Month) Male Long Stock Coat
SG1 Kahlua Canine Extreme
SG2 Jaguar Diamante Canine Extreme
SG3 Rocky vom Drache Feld
SG4 Balu Bekant

Open Class (24+ month without title) Female Stock Coat
SG1 Soley vd Plassenburg
SG2 Tillie vd Southernwind
SG3 Ulva vom Orenburg
SG4 Yanna vom Westhaus
SG5 Anastacia vd Southernwind
SG6 Briar Canine Extreme

Open Class (24+ month without title) Female Long Stock Coat
SG1 Ivana vom Teufelsfelsen

Open Class (24+ month without title) Male Stock Coat
SG1 Peter villa Rostom
SG2 Galax von Turia Drimas
SG3 Bourbon Team v Holtkamper Hof
SG4 Yucon v Deutschen Eck
SG5 Everest Canine Extreme
SG6 Lados vom Holtkamper Hof
SG7 Flame Canine Extreme

Open Class (24+ month without title) Male Long Stock Coat
SG1 Obi vd Tempelhoeve
SG2 Seppel vom Holtkamper Hof
SG3 Ewok Canine Extreme
SG4 Roman v Bix Lacroz
SG5 StarShine v Igel Hof

Veteran Class (6+ yrs w/title) Female Stock Coat
1st place: Trexa vd Ostfriesischen Thingstatte

Veteran Class (6+ yrs w/title) Male Stock Coat
1st Place: Xeno z Folinku
2nd Place: Vitali vd Barenschlucht
3rd Place: Zambo v Holtkamper Hof

Working Class (24+ mo w/title) Female Long Stock Coat
V1 Triksi Kenola
V2 Nala von Haus Khan
V3 Jenny De La Madonia
V4 Athena vom Fasanlauf

Working Class (24+ mo w/title) Female Stock Coat
V1 Whisper vom Holtkamper Hof
V2 Amyly von Pallas Athene
V3 Perlah Mont D’Osiris
V4 Marley vom Aldamar
V5 Mia vom Aldamar
V6 Maple Canine Extreme
V7 Faiga vom Kohlerhaus
V8 Ouasma du Val D’Anzin
V9 Quora vom Mittelwest
V10 Desdemona vd Oher Tannen
V11 Flirt vom Zwillingshaus
V12 Xombie v Pendler
V13 Wait Castl Galateya

Working Class (24+ mo w/title) Male Long Stock Coat
V1 Ace vd Hohen Berg
V2 Ikar Valdi Marr
V3 Caspian vom Team Barrett

Working Class (24+ mo w/title) Male Stock Coat
V1 Team Marlboro Hilton
V2 Negus de Marka
V3 Evil v Eichenplatz
V4 Fantos v Pallas Athene
V5 Xandur vd Pfalzperle
V6 Gitano v Fichtenschlag
V7 Hector v Lotta
V8 Ober v Holtkamper Hof
V9 Mika v Turkenkopf
V10 Fury vd Tempelhoeve
V11 Phamtom du Val D’Anzin
V12 Xaro v Maikus
V13 Higg v Melanchthon
V14 Urso di Casa Caputi
V15 Massimo vom Aldamar
V16 Qumran vom Ganzkower Schloß
V17 Cai Kevin Timeless
V18 Zagheria’s Black
SG1 Wilco v Liedhof
SG2 Dgeta Lika Don Marsel