What is IGP?

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What is the SV Program?

To clearly understand what the SV is all about its best to take a minute to explain all the registries, associations and their purpose or impact on the German Shepherd community(s) around the world.

Verein fur deutsche Schaferhunde (better known as the SV) translates to ‘Society for German Shepherd Dogs.’  
So, What exactly is the SV and how does it relate to you and your dog? Basically, The SV in Europe is what the GSDCA is to the United States only the SV handles the breeding regulations and registry of GSD’s in Germany. The SV is the official registry for recording keeping and sets the breeding standards for which the country (or association participants) needs to follow.  The SV is the breed parent club for the VDH (Verband für das Deutsche Hundewesen; translation: German Kennel Club) which along with the AKC (USA), KC (British), CKC (Canada) and the FCI (all other countries) make up the worlds all breed registries.  

The SV, along with many other countries is also a member of the WUSV (World Union for the German Shepherd).  The GSDCA and USCA (United schutzhund Club of America) are members of the WUSV. While the GSDCA and USCA do not handle registration in the USA they do set statutes that member clubs are recommended to follow.
The SV determines the group of standards and ratings that must be adhered to in order to make a dog acceptable for breeding. The ultimate goal was to create a working dog that has good confirmation, temperament and the best characteristics of the breed. Which in turn would create a healthy, social and confident German Shepherd Dog.

In order to properly manage the breed standard for the German Shepherd dog the SV has created varying levels of working and confirmation (show) titles.   It is the belief of the SV that through these titles and ratings we are able to determine the proper temperament for breeding.  In order to ensure the success of this program the SV requires that all dogs within the association obtain a show rating, working title and breed survey in order to be used for breeding.         

 What is the SV & Show Ratings?

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