February 2020 - Twin Oaks Dog Club Trial Recap

Group1  What is a better way to kick off the new year than hosting the February 2020 - Twin Oaks Dog Club Trial? Twin Oaks Dog Club did that, and we're delighted with the turnout. We're incredibly proud of the Twin Oaks team and competitors for all of the effort put into this event. 

We had a wonderful time hosting this event and are thrilled with all of the contestants who attended.  As always, we were joined by the Canine Extreme team and volunteers to lend us a hand. We want to give a special thank you to everyone who came out to support, help, and compete at this trial. We can't wait to see everyone at the next one!



Twin Oaks Dog Club Experience: 

The trail started on Saturday, February 22nd, and we could not have asked for better weather. The day started a bit chilly and accompanied by a bit of fog. This combination turned out to be fantastic weather for the contestants to begin their tracking. As always, it was amazing to see that the contestant's practice paid off as they give it their all during tracking. The focus, determination, and connection that the competitors showed during the tracking portion of this event was something to see. 

JuniorNationals191116 001The event that followed that tracking was the BH and the IGP section. Along with our contestants, we had a few resident Canine Extreme contestants. A few names to mention are Hulky vom Holtkamper Hof, Ellie Canine Extreme, and a crowd favorite named Burns. As this portion of the event proceeded, you could feel the confidence in the air. Dog after dog who entered the ring continued to show us what they could do. Burns is a corgi who comes to train at Twin Oaks Dog Club, and he is always a sight to see. When he entered the ring, you could hear the awes from the crowd. After showing us that this corgi came here to show off what he could do, the audience went wild with applause when he passed.

Podium1Another individual that we would like to give recognition to is one of our junior handlers named Natalie Moxley and her dog Ellie. Over the past few months, we have seen both of them put everything they had into their training. To see them take the ring and pass their IBGH together, really brought a smile to everyone's faces. The next who entered the field was Raul and Hulky, competing for their IGP1 titles. It's always amazing to see the confidence when these two took the field. We're so happy with how this portion of the event went, and we then took a break for lunch.

The following event was the traffic portion of the BH. Now that the BH and IGP portion of the show was over, you could see everyone starting to relax a bit more and enjoy. After the Traffic Portion of the BH, we proceeded into the IGP protection. This portion of the event can be the most exciting and nerve-racking portion of all. We're so happy with how this section went. It outstanding to see the commitment that each dog gave on the field. With the conclusion of the protection, the IGP was over. We want to give special congratulations to everyone who competed in the IGP portion of this trial.

AD4After a quick drink break, it was time to finish the day with the AD. While the competitors were biking around the twin oaks property, it was great to see everyone gathering and talking about the trial. The AD is an enjoyable event for the Twin Oaks Dog Club team as we made sure to have a great time during it. During this AD, we had Raul Hernandez, Colby Hernandez, Alex Hernandez, and Lucus Moxley, along with the other contests participating. With every lap, you get to see the fun, enjoyment, and excitement of the contestants as they go around the field. Once the AD was over, the day was over.

JuniorNationals191116 010The Feb 2020 trial was a fantastic opportunity and success for the Twin Oaks team. We can't thank everyone enough for coming out to support the event. We want to give a special thanks to the judge Jürgen Maubüchen for taking his time with everyone. He showed off his compassion and knowledge, making sure that everyone learned and received a new valuable piece of knowledge home with them.

We look forward to hosting more events and cant wait to see what's next!

Burns Paw