March 2020 - Twin Oaks Dog Club Trial and Show Recap

 March malcom canine extreme AD 17 Twin Oaks Dog Club is pleased to have had the opportunity to host a Spring Trial, Show & Breed Survey! This event took place on March 20th­-22nd, 2020, and was accompanied by some beautiful weather.

We were ecstatic with the turnout and excited to have all of the competitors join us over the weekend. While at the show, we were grateful to have the help of the Canine Extreme team and their volunteers. Watching everyone give it their all behind the scenes to make sure everything ran smoothly was a gratifying experience. We feel so thankful for the support of everyone involved. We look forward to what the future holds and for more outstanding opportunities.



Twin Oaks Dog Club Experience: 

The event started on Saturday, March 21st, bright and early with the AD (Ausdauerprüfung) test. The AD is always an enjoyable test to host, and we were thrilled to see some familiar faces at this portion of the event. We want to give a special shout out to Natalie Moxley, who finished her first AD with Ellie Canine Extreme! The weather was beautiful and set an excellent tone for the rest of the week. With every lap, you could see the joy and excitement of the competitors increase.

March Hulky vom Holtkamper Hof ZAP 34After the AD exam, we moved onto the Zap test, also known as the temperament test. This portion of the event had eleven competitors. It was not only exciting to watch but also educational for everyone who participated. Those who competed did phenomenally. Raul showed with Hulky and Colby showed with Maple, both representing Canine Extreme! Another special shout out to Lucas Moxley, who competed with Famous Canine Extreme in this event. At nine years old, Lucas is a very talented junior handler with Canine Extreme and has been working with Famous since he was a puppy. It was incredible to see the smile on his face when he passed the Zap test with Famous. We are happy to announce that everyone passed the Zap test! The handlers and dogs showed great connection and control, proving how hard they had worked to get there.

Winding down from the Zap test, we had a light break and then went into the practice for the breed survey. You could see the nerves, focus, and excitement on the contestant's faces once practice ended, and we headed into the breed survey. This portion of the event consisted of three dogs, and we were all delighted with their performance. After wrapping up the breed survey, the remaining contestants hung around for a small gathering. We want to give another special thank you to the Canine Extreme Team and Volunteers, who helped host a small dinner for everyone to enjoy.

March Indoctro Canine ExtremeThe confirmation show started on Sunday, March 22nd, and this was the biggest day of the event! The excitement and nerves of everyone in the crowd were palpable. This day started with the baby puppy class, which was the largest confirmation event class. The group was antsy with excitement as they got ready to enter the ring. With the work of our team, judges, and volunteers, the classes proceeded smoothly. This continued throughout the day as the age groups increased.

Here's a summary of a few exceptional Canine Extreme achievements from the show!

Indoctro Canine Extreme - VP1
Famous Canine Extreme - VP2
Ewok Canine Extreme - VP1
Nova Canine Extreme - SG 2
Maple Canine Extreme - SG 1
Ellie Canine Extreme - SG 3
Dash Canine Extreme - SG 3
Whisper vom Holtkämper See - V 1
Soraya vom Holtkämper Hof - V2
Hulky vom Holtkämper Hof - V1
Quoran vom Ganzkower Schloß - V2

Hulky Trophies 032320 26We're so happy with how this event ran. We want to give congratulations to everyone who competed, and say thank you for coming out to exemplify how hard you've been working with your incredible dogs! Twin Oaks is thrilled to have had the opportunity to host an event like this. We're incredibly grateful to everyone who came out to compete, support, and lend a helping hand. We want to give a special thanks to the SV judge, Hans-Peter Schweimer, for taking his time to make sure that everyone learned something new! With the end of this show, we wrap up yet another incredible weekend and event. We can't wait to see what is in store for Twin Oaks Dog Club in the future!

March Group AD 1